Our People make the Difference

What Makes Us Different from Others

We believe in corporate leadership, the success is responsibility with freedom to work is transferred to every individual with a collective teamwork. Our success being we bring the latest trends in the markets coupled with our in-depth study and shopping and create line for a particular brand 'n' to bring the newness in the ever changing fashion world.

India SME 100 Award

ImageIndia SME forum was formed with the objective to propel a Small and Medium Business Movement across the country, our aim was to provide a voice to small and medium entrepreneurs, wilting under the non entrepreneur friendly policies of the then dispensation, and to support and recognise innovative, globally competitive, SMEs in India.

Starting out with 400 members in 2011, today it has over 76,000+ MSMEs as members, 270+ Sectoral & Regional Associations as Supporters and 35 major banks, corporations & organizations as partners.

We have been at the forefront of demanding a radical change in the way our country is led. We are committed to a paradigm shift in the mindset of the people of our country, towards its entrepreneurs.

ECGC - D&B Indian Exporters' Excellence Award

Image ECGC Ltd. (ECGC) is the national credit insurance agency in the country, supporting Indian exporters since 1957. In recognition of the valuable contribution made by Indian exporters to the growth of the economy, ECGC Ltd. has instituted 'ECGC - D&B Indian Exporters' Excellence Awards', in association with Dun & Bradstreet India (D&B).

Over the last three decades, Indian economy has shown robust progress in global markets through increasing level of exports. In 1980, India was ranked at the 45th position with 0.42% share in global merchandise exports. It has now moved up to 19th position with 1.6% share in global merchandise exports.